Our small 3ml natural sprayer bottles allow you the opportunity to wear our perfume before deciding to choose the 30ml bottle. The Citrusdal or Terra Flora single vial or the 5 Discovery Set could also be an easy, small gift for someone you like…

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  • Discover Citrusdal

    Citrusdal is a compilation of citrus notes found in the orchards of Cederberg.

    It is minimalist in expression and represents all the parts of the citrus trees – the bark, the leaves, the twigs, the flowers and the fruit of the lemon, grapefruit, mandarin, orange, bergamot and lime – in a crisp, modern and above all, elegant manner.

    It can be shared by both men and women.

    Materials: Neroli (South Africa, Morocco, India) Orange Flower Absolute ( Morocco), Petitgrain ( Morocco), Lemon (South Africa), Orange (South Africa), Hyrax (South Africa), Frankincense (Somalia) 

    Contents: 3ml

    ZAR 95.00
  • Discover Terra Flora

    Terra Flora is a perfume that allows for clarity of mind, balance and helps you reconnect with your inner self.

    It is inspired by Kelly Ghali, her journey, generosity and beauty. 

    It’s not what you achieve or build in life that’s important,

    but rather the perfume you leave behind. “ Quote by an unkown priest

    MATERIALS USED:  sandalwood (India), orange flower absolute (marocco), frankincense ( somalia), neroli ( morocco), jasmin sambac (India), mandarin (Italy), lime (Italy)

    Contents: 3ml

    ZAR 95.00
  • Discovery Set

    The discovery set allows you the opportunity to sample our first five 100% natural perfumes: Plantifolia Lignosa, Rosaria, Flora Capensis, Florae and Vetiveria Citrata, each presented as natural spray in a 3 ml glass vial

    Except for Florae, all perfums are unisex

    Content: 15 ml

    ZAR 550.00
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