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Vetiveria Citrata

Vetiveria Citrata Parfum represents the smell of green as an invitation to nature
This natural liquid extract is created through the method of counterpoint that similarly to music, regards the perfect relationship between two contrasting notes: grasses and citrus fruits
Light and energizing

The 31ml vial is presented in a genuine ostrich leather holder handmade by the master exotic leather artisans of Cape Cobra Leathercraft in Cape Town. The South African ostrich leather is of superior quality and is a by-product of the food industry
When the perfume is finished you can order a refill bottle for your holder

Materials used: Vetiver (India), Frankincense (Somalia), Hyraceum (South Africa), Lemon (Italy), Neroli (India), Opoponax (Somalia)



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The smell of green as an invitation to nature