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Bar Soap Box

Vetiveria Citrata

Vetiveria Citrata Bar Soap lends the skin the smell of green as an invitation to nature created through the method of counterpoint that similarly to music, regards the perfect relationship between two contrasting notes: grasses and citrus fruits

Our creamy bar soap is made with South African olive oil, employing the Castile Method – one of the oldest alchemist processes standing the test of time and approved by dermatologists today. It is gentle and adequate for those who have a sensitive skin. Each bar soap has been shaped, branded and packaged by hand by our meticulous artisans
Presented in a box of four

Materials used: Vetiver (India), Frankincense (Somalia), Hyraceum (South Africa), Lemon (Italy), Neroli (India), Opoponax (Somalia)



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The smell of green as an invitation to nature