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Verda Parfum

Born from a creative collaboration with Landscape Architect JOJO GIBBONS RDI, founder of J & L Gibbons, this is a potent distillation of perfume extract designed to sit closer to the skin, diffusing through the heat of your body. It is the most concentrated form of perfume that will linger for hours revealing glimpses of botanical life and soil biodiversity.

Verda is a purely artistic interpretation of soil, geosmin rich with green notes, redolent of the fertile soil coming to life. It is a perfume that dares to explore the conceptual, by creating a sensorial celebration of our landscape and hopes to raise consciousness at the olfactory level. It is environmental activism in a scent.

Earthy, reminding of humid soil after the rain, capturing the processes of germination and growth…

100% natural and botanical



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100% *natural origin

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our perfume is an invitation to enjoy and apreciate nature