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San Original People

San Original People Parfum is inspired by the SAN of the Cape of Africa and seeks to pay respect to those who were the Original People
(When humans began to dream and lines were scratched into a slab of red ochre, this simple act, represented our first step towards creative thought. From that moment on, life had become more than mere survival; from that moment on we all wanted to look and feel good)
This natural liquid extract reverberates notes of rooibos, the flora customary to the people of the Cape region such as buchu, various pelargoniums, fynbos, orchids and ericas
Elegant, in the spirit of the San

The 31ml vial is presented in a genuine ostrich leather holder handmade by the master exotic leather artisans of Cape Cobra Leathercraft in Cape Town. The South African ostrich leather is of superior quality and is a by-product of the food industry
When the perfume is finished you can order a refill bottle for your holder

Materials used: Hyraceum (South Africa), Omumbirii (Namibia), Opoponax (Somalia), Buchu (South Africa), Geranium ( South Africa)



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Inspired by the SAN of the Cape of Africa and seeks to pay respect to the Original People