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Serum Absolute

Our Serum Absolute contains bioactive compounds that work synergistically to deliver effective solutions for maintaining your natural health and beauty for as long as possible and a healthy skin micro-biome, an essential part of our immune system.
We spent over a decade perfecting our Serum Absolute.
It is made with high quality ingredients that contain vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, omega, phytonutrients and antioxidants to effectively support the skin against different types of stress: fighting free radicals that contribute to cellular damage and ageing, firming and strengthening the eye area, enhancing moisture retention, softening the appearance of the fine lines especially after extended exposure to sun

The lightweight, nutritious composition will be quickly absorbed into the skin, it is suitable to all skin types and is ideal for mature, dehydrated and sun-damaged skin.
Apply on the entire face every evening, on clean skin, and around the eyes in the morning before your make-up. Drop 3-5 drops in your palm, gently rub both palms together to warm the oil and apply through tapping, pressing movements to face, neck and chest. Press starting from the center/nose area and pushing towards the extremity of your face, using the ring fingers around the eyes and mouth area



The list of ingredients used for each of our products is included on all of our products' packaging. In case of an allergy, always check the list of ingredients before you use our products.

100% *natural origin

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