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  • Parfum in Leather

    Our natural Perfumes are available as a liquid extract, the most concentrated form of perfume

    Created ad libitum, without following a classical structure of composition, or a trend, they are hand blended by our in-house perfumer using quality raw materials

    The 30 ml vial is housed in genuine ostrich leather handmade by master exotic leather artisans in Cape Town

    The South African ostrich leather is of superior quality and is a by-product of the food industry

    Once the perfume is finished, a replaceable refill option is available from our site

    ZAR 2,200.00
  • Terra Flora Parfum

    Terra Flora is a perfume that allows for clarity of mind, balance and helps you reconnect with your inner self.

    It is inspired by Kelly Ghali, her journey, generosity and beauty. 

    It’s not what you achieve or build in life that’s important,

    but rather the perfume you leave behind. “ Quote by an unknown priest

    Materials Used:  sandalwood (India), orange flower absolute (Marocco), frankincense (Somalia), neroli ( Morocco), jasmin sambac (India), mandarin (Italy), lime (Italy)

    ZAR 2,200.00
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