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San, Original People Parfum

4 December 2019

Once upon a time, at the most southern tip of Africa, humans lived in perfect harmony with nature.

They were the original people who inhabited this territory.

They were creative: artists and artisans.
They believed in our connection with the universe, with the stars.

Their understanding of their environment reflected utmost respect and perfect balance.

They brew the rooibos tea and chewed the buchu leaves.

Their speech was like the sound of nature.
They understood each other when good and when bad, reconciling in the simplest manner of never holding a grudge.

They loved and cared for their children.

They travelled freely whenever and wherever life took them without leaving a trace in their surroundings.

They were misunderstood and chased away from the ideal into reality…

They were the SAN, the Original People.

The work on this perfume started early 2012 and was only finalised at the end of 2018. During this time, our perfumer immersed into all material information available documenting the SAN, from their origin, their way of living and until today. An accurate selection of ingredients was compiled, and notes had to be created to insinuate glimpses of the past and scents that can never be obtained from nature.

Reverberating notes of rooibos and the flora customary to the people of the region such as buchu, pelargoniums, various fynbos, orchids and ericas, San Original People perfume acknowledges the history of the Cape and its people, as our inspiration for the simple way of life.

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