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The Scents of Soil

2 November 2022

Erde and Verda are two soil stories captured in liquid perfume extracts. 

They were born from a creative collaboration with JOJO GIBBONS RDI of J & L Gibbons Landscape Architects, who made soil and life with nature the focus of her work.

The scents of soils vary as much as the soils types, from location, to the climatic conditions, vegetation, and even the impact of human life and industrialisation. You can best smell soil as the raindrops hit the ground, sometimes mixed with the metallic ozonic smell of a thunderstorm. This is the moment when geosmin releases… Geosmin is largely composed from organic compounds (like terpenes - which are secreted by plants) fallen on the ground, or rocks, and that are processed by the living organisms and bacteria in the soil. When they come in contact with the rain water they release their scent. For each of us, soil will be recognized as a familiar scent based on where we lived the most part of our lives. For some might be hot asphalt of the big metropolis, for other the grass of the savannah.


ERDE PARFUM - image by Anton Robert, at Kirstenbosch Garden Cape Town cca June, 2022

ERDE PARFUM In the Southern coast of Africa earth was always a significant part of people’s lives. They turned to it for its healing power concocting remedies for a better life. The perfume is dedicated to these remedies and beauty rituals, thus, the African Stone, aka the Hyrax Stone alongside the red ochre earth were the inspiration behind it.


VERDA PARFUM - image by Anton Robert, at Kirstenbosch Garden Cape Town cca June, 2022

VERDA PARFUM In the Southern African savannah where climate is extreme, the rain falling onto the dry soil releases a scent so potent that animals found at long distances away know that soon, they will have access to water and food. Every rain season’s arrival in Africa symbolises life going on… The perfume is dedicated to this exact moment of germination and growth, of the fertile soil coming to life.

We created Erde and Verda as tools for reconnection with the earth for those who cannot get "dirty" in a garden, or have the opportunity to be in nature very often.

They are therapeutic aids for when you seek a life in harmony with nature. 

We believe that our journey as a specie is dependent on nature and its remarkable healing power.