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Live With Art and Live With Nature

Marioara de la Tara · 3 May 2022

Baby and Mother cca 2010 by Anton Robert

In celebration of our 25-th anniversary we organised a cycle of events with the theme Live With Art and Live With Nature all happening in our shops in cape Town and Bucharest, for the duration of 2022. We are only showing artists who are long term collaborators, who's works are exclusively in black and white, natural materials and address the issue of nature, its fragility, our relationship with it, or with ourselves. These are also artists who's works we collect. 

JANUARY - FEBRUARY / BUCHAREST: "Live With Art and Live With Nature" a solo by porcelain sculptor Daniela Fainis

MARCH - APRIL / BUCHAREST: "Buna Vestire" a solo by Ana Plesa 

MARCH / CAPE TOWN: "The world within" the first ever exhibition of Romanian Artist Anca S Popa; from 1-st -29-th of March 

MAY / CAPE TOWN: "Sit with Nature" on show, a sculpture by Romanian artist Sorin Franche

MAY / BUCHAREST: "Photographic Journey with Anton Robert" the first ever exhibition or Mr. Robert in Bucharest, Romania, open until 31-st of May

JUNE- JULY / BUCHAREST: "The world within"  the first ever Bucharest exhibition of Romanian Artist Anca S Popa; from 3-rd of June -29-th of July

JUNE - JULY / BUCHAREST / CAPE TOWN: "A contrasting world - art for the everyday living" in limited edition of five, by Andrey Klassen  


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