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5 May 2022

7 of our natural perfumes

Our 100% African natural perfumes are are an invitation to change, to move from ephemeral trends right in to the timeless beauty of nature...

The stoic philosopher Zeno concluded that "the purpose of life is to live in harmony with nature". Further down the history line, Marcus Aurelius, also a stoic, was daring his fellows along the same lines: “Frightened of change? But what can exist without it? What’s closer to nature’s heart? [...] Can any vital process take place without something being changed? Can’t you see? It’s just the same with you—and just as vital to nature.” 

Because in nature nothing ever disappears, but everything transforms, changes... 

Since 1997 we DARE you to CHANGE to LIVE WITH NATURE. You can simply start by daring to use our artistic perfumes, rich in aromatherapeutic properties. This could be a beautiful start...