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Identity and Purpose

20 April 2021
porcelain in ceremonial costume

Porcelain with patterns derived from Ndebele wall art and the Xhosa ceremonial costume

Our Identity is rooted in nature and our cultural heritage: the black ink made from the wild olive fruit, the Ndebele wall art and the Xhosa ceremonial costume. We create products with timeless aesthetic for a life in harmony with nature.

Our philosophy of social and environmental responsibility kept us committed to transparency within the industry that we operate in.

Throughout our creative process we maintain our authenticity, our quest for excellence and our innovative spirit.

We design products that subtly address cultural and environmental concerns of today.

We believe that creativity and nature must go hand in hand, because our products come from the richness of nature and are made by people for people.

Everything is sourced consciously.

We are committed to the experience without compromise.

We are respectful to the process and time required for things to perfectly evolve.

Each product is made by hand and with natural ingredients.

All our products are suitable to people with sensitive skin.

We are socially and environmentally conscious.

Our purpose is to demonstrate that running an ethical, socially and environmentally conscious enterprise is profitable and is the way forward.

We are committed to create long-term value for our employees, for our society and for our brand.

We do this by building resilience to ensure that we maintain our freedom and creativity, while working towards a more sustainable business model.

Using our influence and our ability to think, act and invest for the long term we believe that we can secure our future and contribute to shaping a better world. Our ambition is to act exemplary.

We made a clear commitment to engage the human, creative, and financial resources needed to effect long-term positive change. This commitment is made possible by our independent, private ownership structure.

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