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Flora Capensis Bath Salt

30 June 2021

The Flora Capensis Bath Salt made upon the request of Brookdale Estate in South Africa

So we finally cave in and added the Bath Salts to our repertoire. The ultimate Bath Salts that respond to all those needs a luxurious, therapeutic bath can respond to…

The expansion of our product lines happens most often at our customers’ suggestions. This time was the magnificent Brookdale Estate near Paarl, a must visit for anyone who likes nature, good food, cooked by their in-house chef from ingredients that they grow themselves on the farm. Driving into the estate, you will be transposed to another universe, one in which no worries in the world would exist and your sole purpose is to relax and savor the good life. The entire property is enveloped in our Flora Capensis, Lavandula and Ibala home fragrances specifically designed as the ideal backdrop to a natural, clean beautiful life lived in harmony with nature.

For our Flora Capensis Bath Salt – the first in the collection to be released, we chose the local sun dried Kalahari Desert salt, harvested from an area that was never inhabited by humans, and therefore pristine. The African animals and humans of the desert have used this salt for thousands of years. We added some other salts rich in minerals and skin conditioning ingredients.

According to some, bath salts have been used since before 2700BC – the date of China’s earliest pharmacological publication the Peng-Tzao-Kan-Muâ. They were recommended by the likes of Hippocrates for their beneficial properties in treating alignments such as sore muscles, arthritis, psoriasis, acne or even freckles.

The five volumes of De Materia Medica of Dioskurides (a Roman doctor) recommends alongside 365 different herbal and medicinal treatments, the salt, as effective for various wounds, bites, and digestive problems. Even the famous Cleopatra was dipping in bath salts known to her to soften and smoothen the skin, by decreasing the appearance of fine lines.

In the old times, European and Asians were trading in salt, or were even paid in salt, hence the word ‘salary’ appeared during the Roman Empire.


Now available from our online shop with a 1kg Refill

Our Wild Olive Artisans bath salts contain minerals and nutrients that help maintain our health from the inside out: while the warm water opens the pores, minerals deeply cleanse and detoxify, drawing out impurities, pollution, oil and dirt from the skin.

Magnesium is ideal to fight stress and combat fatigue and sore muscles. 

Potassium balances moisture levels in the skin.

Calcium regulates the water retention in the deeper layers of the skin and assists with osteoporosis and calcium retention.

Bromide soothes tired, sore muscles and ligament aches.

Sodium balances the lymphatic fluid in our bodies and a regular warm bath with salts, helps decrease the appearance of fine lines and balances the moisture levels in the skin.

Flora Capensis Bath Salt will reactivate the circulation of the blood, making it ideal for maintaining the skin’s elasticity. It has antiviral, detoxifying and toning properties. It is relaxing and soothing. 


Fill the tub with warm water – as warm as you can tolerate – and drop a handful of the salts (or two), stirring the water for a few seconds before you get in. Make a warm tea to enjoy during your bath. Relax and meditate for at least 15 minutes in the tub. When you get out, wrap yourself in a good cotton towel or gown and ideally rest until the following morning.

After your warm bath, you will feel calm, relaxed, and more resilient to stress.

And if you get to do that in a location like Brookdale Estate, the benefit might be even greater…

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