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Two decades of Experience

26 April 2021

Wild Olive Artisans is an independent house based in Cape Town. We create natural products that are considered in their design and their cultural aspect.

Our prerequisites are sustainability, skill development, putting people and nature first, high quality materials and freedom of creativity.

Started in 1997 by a Cape Town pharmacist, Wild Olive Artisans House was acquired in 2007 by creative director Marioara de la Tzara who transformed the business into an artisanal manufacture. As new comers in the industry we had the opportunity to set our business up with relevance in regards to the social and environmental concerns of today.


Our DNA is in everything we create: pattern, perfume, or product design.

Our products are consistent with our values and combine high standard, ethics and aesthetics with sustainable approach.

They reflect years of dedication in pursuit of excellent quality and design.

Everything we do is intended for life in harmony with nature.

Our tangible assets

  • In- house R&D laboratory for cosmetics and perfumery
  • In-house manufacturing laboratories for cosmetic and perfumery products
  • In-house perfumer
  • In-house CMT atelier
  • In-house pottery atelier
  • In-house complete creative department
  • Master artisans with over a decade of experience
  • A second generation joining the business
  • An ever-growing art collection
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Our House in Bucharest

In the summer of 2012 we found a beautiful little house in the neighbourhood that recently is re-establishing as the nicest place to be in Bucharest if you enjoy arts and culture. The vision was to set...

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Our House in Cape Town

Welcome to our home in Cape Town. This is the place where all our magic happens, right here, in the heart of the "Mother City", so that we can feel its pulse. The door opened on the 14-th of February 2014....

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Plantifolia Lignosa Parfum

The representation of a phantasmagorical forest. When our perfumer turned her attention towards Madagascar, she came with the idea of a dark forest full of orchids. Orchids, like Vanilla, grow on trees...

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A compilation of citrus notes inspired by a drive through the orchards of Cederberg. The natural liquid extract depicts all the parts of the citrus tree – the bark, the leaves, the twigs, the flowers...

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Cederberg & Margi

When someone inspires us, we invite them to collaborate with us. Margi Cloete is a 77 years old fine artist, who since Covid could not show, or exhibit her work due to various restrictions. We proposed...

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Identity and Purpose

Our Identity is rooted in nature and our cultural heritage: the black ink made from the wild olive fruit, the Ndebele wall art and the Xhosa ceremonial costume. We create products with timeless aesthetic...