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Jardin du Delaire

Marioara de la Tara · 9 July 2019
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In 2013 Wild Olive Artisans and the Delaire Graff Estate started a collaboration on two products: a Hand Lotion and a Hand Wash.

Delaire Graff’s commitment to offer their customers a remarkable experience is rare. Only the best would do.

The desire to expand the line was expressed around 2017 and with the arrival of Hildegard Carstens at the helm of the Delaire Graff SPA the project was put on super speed.

“I wanted to create a SPA ritual that would arise such emotion, that would remain in our guests’ memory for as long as possible, an accurate image of our Estate. I looked for the best African indigenous botanicals and the best local artisans and thus remaining true to our estate’s ethos of social responsibility and eco sustainability. With Wild Olive Artisans, Delaire Graff Estate has a longstanding relationship” says Hildegard Carstens who was actively involved in conceptualizing the idea.

The Perfume of the garden of “the air” – because the name Delaire comes from the French “du l’air” which means “of the air”- materialized in the perfume simply called “Jardin du Delaire”, with revitalizing, regenerating, relaxing, properties. Geranium, Cape May, Lavender, Cape Snowbush, Jasmine are all growing on the estate and alongside Sandalwood, Clanwilliam Cedar and precious African resins, i added the largest content of Orris Root Absolute from any fragrance I created so far, orris, adding an elegant touch and a dash of nobility that is not often found in commercial products of this kind.

Apart from the custom SPA treatments that Hildegard developed exclusively for the estate’s guests, “Jardin du Delaire” can be found in a Perfume Roll-On, a Diffuser, an Atmosphere Perfume, a candle, a hand and body wash, a foam bath, a bath oil, a soap, a shampoo and a conditioner, a body butter and a lotion, along other products, all for a complete home experience.

A small selection is available for purchase online.

The entire collection is available exclusively from the Delaire Graff Estate on Helshoogte Rd, Stellenbosch
Tel: 0027 (0)21 885 8160