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Cederberg & Margi

19 May 2021

The Cederberg Porcelain Candle depicting the Clanwillian Cedar Tree in an illustration by Margi Cloete

When someone inspires us, we invite them to collaborate with us.
Margi Cloete is a 77 years old fine artist, who since Covid could not show, or exhibit her work due to various restrictions. We proposed that she does a collaboration with us and she chose the Cederberg Porcelain Candle container as her medium, because her father, alongside whom she worked in her youth, was a potter and a painter. Of course the endangered Clanwilliam Cedar was her subject, the fragrance Cederberg is dedicated to this magnificent, rare tree. 

Few months later, she returned to us with a few sketches… 

The porcelain container in collaboration with Margi is executed in a firing process that resulted in each item being slightly different and therefore unique. Each piece carries an identity number and only a limited number of pieces will ever be made. They each carry Margi's signature CXC. 

The Cederberg Fragrance has a middle register quintet emanating toning, warm, rich notes of Clanwilliam Cedar wood, Rooibos, Cape Chamomile, Cape Snowbush and wild African berries, Buchu, Cape May and many Citrusdal citrus trees, alongside African resins with potent purifying and uplifting properties. 

In order to experience the best results with your Cederberg Porcelain Candle, please follow the instructions found on the leaflet inside the box, and do not forget, you are an integral part of making this giving back possible for all of us.

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