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From Hair to Toes

9 October 2016
Soap-Arrangment - Inside Post Image

Entirely hand formed double milled Pebble olive oil soaps in Moroccan Black, Mocha and Orange&Ginger

Today it is imperative that we care about the environment and thus we need to choose consciously the personal care, or household products that we use everyday.

When we conceptualise our products we have your experience in mind, but also your microbiota and the waste that is created through our everyday living. This same philosophy is applied when we make our soap. The traditional Castile olive oil soap is completely biodegradable. Right from the start we choose to package each hand cut bar in a cotton and linen paper or an embroidered canvas bag made in-house. Our soap is suitable for your face and body, and you can use it for your hair too… 

Perfumed with botanical essential oils, our soap is rich in glycerine and because of that it will last longer if it is kept in a dark, dry space and it is not let to rest in a pool of water while it is being used. 

The original cold process formula was created by our pharmacist founder to be used by people with delicate skin, or with skin conditions, new born babies, or anyone who would like to have a simple beautiful life lived in harmony with nature. 

The double milled recipe and design of the "Pebble Soaps" were the creation of Nokubonga Liwani and Marioara de la Tzara, who wanted to have a soap in an organic, but also authentic Wild Olive Artisans aesthetic. 

The Pebble Soaps are made in three colours emulating stones, all created with natural ingredients such as charcoal, or ground coffee. 

The Moroccan Black, Mocha Exfoliator, and Orange & Ginger are each 250g. 

Our master soap makers have over two decades of experience in making the soap that is now used in some of the most beautiful homes in the world. 



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