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Candles for living…

16 May 2020
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The 7 Chakra Candle Collection

If you love yoga and you are seeking to have a balanced, healthier lifestyle, it is important that you make choices based on what is practical, but also beautiful. The fragrances you use for your home should have a lot more purpose than just a pretty smell.

Since centuries people used botanical extracts and oils, for their therapeutic properties, or simply to perfume themselves, their temples, their homes, their food…

Our collection of 7 botanical candles poured in hand made porcelain containers, follow the specifics of each chakra, from colour and symbol, to the essential oil blends meant to unlock each Chakra and help align and heal our bodies.

These are not mere room fragrance candles; these are aroma-therapeutic candles to be burned during meditation, yoga practice, or in your private sanctuary.

We hope that you will enjoy these candles and make them a part of your essentials for a simple life.

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San, Original People Parfum

Once upon a time, at the most southern tip of Africa, humans lived in perfect harmony with nature. They were the original people who inhabited this territory. They were creative: artists and artisans....

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Flora Capensis Parfum

Reminiscent of a walk in the forests around Table Mountain on a warm spring evening. Its fragrance represents thousands of years of Southern African traditional knowledge: the harvesting and processing...

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Vetiveria Citrata Parfum

Represents the smell of green as an invitation to nature. This natural liquid extract was created through the method of counterpoint that similarly to music, regards the perfect relationship between two...

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A compilation of citrus notes inspired by a drive through the orchards of Cederberg. The natural liquid extract depicts all the parts of the citrus tree – the bark, the leaves, the twigs, the flowers...

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Q & A with our Perfumer

Why perfumery? Perfumery chose me not the other way around. I just needed to do this, so I did it. This is not the only thing I do, thus I avoid calling myself a perfumer. What does it mean to you your...

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Cederberg & Margi

When someone inspires us, we invite them to collaborate with us. Margi Cloete is a 77 years old fine artist, who since Covid could not show, or exhibit her work due to various restrictions. We proposed...