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Flora Capensis Parfum

30 October 2015
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Flora Capensis Parfum Launch Campaign 2015 - indigenous herbs, resins and ornaments - composition, styling and image by Marioara de la Tzara

Reminiscent of a walk in the forests around Table Mountain on a warm spring evening. 

Its fragrance represents thousands of years of Southern African traditional knowledge: the harvesting and processing methods of the original people such as the Khoi, the San, the Himba, the Xhosa, who all gathered and processed their crops for traditional remedies, from the wild, for millennia.
This natural liquid extract was created exclusively with African indigenous botanicals and is an authentic modern African perfume.

The 31ml vial is presented in a genuine ostrich leather holder handmade by the master exotic leather artisans of Cape Cobra Leathercraft in Cape Town. The South African ostrich leather is of superior quality and is a by-product of the food industry.
When the perfume is finished you can order a refill bottle for your holder.

Some of the essences used for this perfume are: omumbiri (Namibia), geranium (Malawi), cape may (South Africa), cape snowbush (South Africa), african wormood (South Africa), buchu (South Africa)

Released in 2015

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