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Plantifolia Lignosa Parfum

2 October 2012


Plantifolia Lignosa web woamag

Plantifolia Lignosa Parfum Launch Campaign 2014 - vanilla pods, wood, lichen and resin - composition, styling and image by Marioara de la Tzara

The representation of a phantasmagorical forest. When our perfumer turned her attention towards Madagascar, she came with the idea of a dark forest full of orchids. Orchids, like Vanilla, grow on trees and notes of bourbon vanilla, dense wood and resins sprinkled with yellow flowers and fine citruses were used to create this picture. You can also almost pick up the smell of the Vogue magazine pages that you read while having your morning coffee… Why Vogue? Because Vogue is all about elegance, and this perfume is exactly that...

The natural liquid extract is a rich, but discrete fragrance for anyone who is self-confident, likes to explore and apreciates timeless elegance.

The 31ml vial is presented in a genuine ostrich leather holder handmade by the master exotic leather artisans of Cape Cobra Leathercraft in Cape Town. The South African ostrich leather is of superior quality and is a by-product of the food industry.

When the perfume is finished you can order a refill bottle for your holder.

Some of the essences used for this perfume are: omumbiri (Namibia), vanilla (Madagascar), frankincense (Somalia), patchouli (India), sandalwood (India)

Released in 2014

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