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Artisans of the Future

25 April 2021

Our artisans are the essence of our house and some have been with us for longer than a decade. We appreciate the impact of their work, every day. 

We combine traditional techniques with the latest technologies to create products for an ethical and ecological life. Passing our knowledge onto the next generation is part of our strategy for the future. 


We are committed to provide the enabling environment for creation, skill development and skill improvement, with remarkable work conditions focused on parenthood.


Our House is influential in shaping the code of the emerging African artisanal luxury industry and we understand the high responsibility that comes with this position. We want to extend our influence through collaborations with local artists, artisans, or businesses that share our values.

We assume responsibility for our people, for our cultural heritage and traditions and for our environment.

Wild Olive Artisans House is about excellence and growth, but it will always be first about its people and the environment. 

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Candles for living…

If you are seeking to live a balanced, healthier life you can use fragrance to enhance your environment at home or at the work space. Ideally, the fragrance should have more purpose than just a pretty...

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Flora Capensis Parfum

Reminiscent of a walk in the forests around Table Mountain on a warm spring evening. Its fragrance represents thousands of years of Southern African traditional knowledge: the harvesting and processing...

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Vetiveria Citrata Parfum

Represents the smell of green as an invitation to nature. This natural liquid extract was created through the method of counterpoint that similarly to music, regards the perfect relationship between two...

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A compilation of citrus notes inspired by a drive through the orchards of Cederberg. The natural liquid extract depicts all the parts of the citrus tree – the bark, the leaves, the twigs, the flowers...

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Cederberg & Margi

When someone inspires us, we invite them to collaborate with us. Margi Cloete is a 77 years old fine artist, who since Covid could not show, or exhibit her work due to various restrictions. We proposed...

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Two decades of Experience

Wild Olive Artisans is an independent house based in Cape Town. We create natural products that are considered in their design and their cultural aspect. Our prerequisites are sustainability, skill development,...