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Our House in Cape Town

14 February 2014

Our Shop and HQ at 29 Pepper street in the CBD of Cape Town 

Welcome to our home in Cape Town. This is the place where all our magic happens, right here, in the heart of the "Mother City", so that we can feel its pulse. The door opened on the 14-th of February 2014. All our ateliers and laboratories are found under the same roof: 

a manufacturing laboratory - producing over 365 different types of products, 

a development laboratory, 

a perfumery laboratory, 

a glass and ceramics decorative studio, 

an atelier for all our textile products, 

a photographic and a creative studio.

Our shop is open from 10.00 until 15.00 o’clock from Monday to Thursday.

Friday and Saturday we can open by appointment and Sundays and during public holidays we are closed.


Yakha Ningiza, our new generation laboratory assistant