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Sanitise and Moisturise

Victoria Eddi · 5 August 2020

Victoria Eddi's hand 

Since childhood I suffered from eczema on my hands...

Those moments of discomfort or self consciousness, made me want to hide my hands from site and left scars throughout my life… 

Since Covid-19 I tried avoiding going even to a supermarket, as now, at the entrance of everywhere it is mandatory to sanitise your hands. 

Until the Wild Olive Artisans sanitiser was ready, it was terrible for me. Luckily, working here allowed me to have the sanitiser almost from the start of the pandemic. 

So now, I can sanitise my hands as many times a day I want and I have one of these little bottles everywhere: on my desk at work, in my car, at home, in my bag… and I have many different bags….

With no allergic reaction, and no drying hands I can go on with my life without having to worry about the aspect of my hands: these in the image are actually my own hands right now.

They never looked and felt better.

I could add, my cuticles started to look better, so it is almost as if I am using a hand moisturiser that is not greasy at all.

Alcohol based with over 80% alcohol content, this sanitiser contains a hi-tech conditioning agent that is 100% natural and plant based, making it the first such conditioning agent of its kind. This particular ingredient is used on the African continent only by Wild Olive Artisans! We add it to our 100% natural and biodegradable hair care and skin and face care products.

The perfume of the sanitiser is super delicate and gentle, almost inferred, with notes of orange flower, mint, tea tree and the beautiful Clan William Cedar wood essential oil which same as the mint oil, it relieves itching and acts as a tonic. Hands feel a refreshing tingle while the elegant aroma reminds you why we are considered the most elegant perfume maker in Africa.