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Our Serum Absolute

Marioara de la Tara · 25 November 2012

Our Serum Absolute contains bioactive compounds that work synergistically to deliver effective solutions for maintaining your natural health and beauty for as long as possible, and a healthy skin micro-biome which is an essential part of our immune system.

We spent over a decade perfecting our Serum Absolute. 

What it does: Because it is made with high quality ingredients that contain vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, omega, phytonutrients, antioxidants our Serum Absolute effectively supports the skin against different types of stress: 

- fighting free radicals that contribute to cellular damage and ageing

- firming and strengthening the eye area

- enhancing moisture retention

- softening the appearance of the fine lines especially after extended exposure to sun
How to use: Apply on the entire face every evening, on clean skin, and around the eyes in the morning before your make-up. Place 5-10 drops in your palm, rub both palms together to warm the oil and apply through tapping, pressing movements to face, neck and chest, to avoid pore clogging for those with a more oily skin. Press starting from the center/nose area and pushing towards the extremity of your face, using the ring fingers around the eyes and mouth area.

When to use: It can be used daily, ideally in the evenings. It can be applied on the entire face and d├ęcoltee, especially after extended exposure to sunlight. As mentioned above, it could be also used around the eyes in the morning before your make-up.

Who should use it: It is suitable to all skin types and is ideal for mature, dehydrated and sun-damaged skin. The lightweight, nutritious composition will be quickly absorbed into the skin releasing its beautiful, delicate natural fragrance.

Ingredients and known benefits: 

All the ingredients used by us have a longstanding reputation for their beneficial properties. We only use ingredients we can vouch for in terms of origin/location, botanical species and the processing methodology. Our supply chain is ethical and we make a great effort to diminish our impact on the environment.

OLIVE OIL: healing, deep moisturiser, adds smoothness, softens deep tissue

MARULA OIL: antioxidant, contains essential fatty acids, and amino acids, beneficial for oily, acne-prone, dry and ageing skin, anti-inflammatory

JOJOBA OIL: moisturising, easily absorbed, non-greasy

CARROT SEED OIL: improves the aspect of the skin, antioxidant, moisturising

ARGAN: protects from sun damage, antibacterial, fungicidal, moistrurising, rich in Vit.E

KALAHARI MELON: rich in Omega 6 and 9 essential fatty acids, moisturising, hydrating

ROSEHIP OIL: antioxidant, regenerative, reduces blemishes, moisturising

APRICOT KERNEL OIL: easily absorbed, relaxing, soothing, reduces the appearance of fine lines

ROSE ABSOLUTE: regenerative, revitalises the aspect of the skin

NEROLI: relaxing, regenerative, promotes smooth skin

PALMAROSA: relieves stiff muscles, moisturises, regenerative, keeps skin supple, reduces blemishes

WHICH HAZEL EXTRACT: anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, effective anti-acne, rich in tannins, anti-oxidant, anti-viral, astringent ideal for reducing pore size

OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT: anti-inflammatory,  antimicrobial, anti-oxidant, tonic, astringent