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Our House in Bucharest

25 November 2012
Romania Shop - INSIDE

Our first European Standalone shop opened its doors in November 2012 - image by Erik Zollner

Our first international Standalone Shop is located in the centre of Bucharest, the hometown of our Creative Director Madalina Heneck.

The 1920’s monument with a French influenced architecture, stands out on its prominent street, in the city that was once upon a time known as “the little Paris”.

The interior was restored in the style that also influences the Wild Olive Artisans aesthetic, the Art Deco.

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Our ever elegant business manager Iulia Durbacel presenting a Collector Item - image by Erik Zollner

Materials such as Romanian walnut wood and Ruschita Marble were used and the entire project was conceptualised, designed and custom executed exclusively by Romanian master craftspeople. 

The Wild Olive Artisans Bucharest Standalone opened its doors on the 15-th of November 2012.

Today our shop is established as the only natural perfumery in the city and the destination for exquisite, exotic South African and Romanian luxury lifestyle products. Together with our longstanding collaborators Avoova   and  Cape Cobra Leathercraft we successfully put South Africa on the "meaningful shopping" map of Bucharest.