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Terra Flora Parfum

Marioara de la Tara · 29 October 2018
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Terra Flora Parfum - image by Marioara de la Tzara

Kelly Ghali is our muse…

She inspired the perfume called Terra Flora…

She choose the essences that she liked the most, oils that would promote clarity of mind, good vibes, and the alignment of our beings with the universe- the self-healing.

At the base of the perfume, sandalwood is the dominant note, enhanced by oakmoss and softened by orange flower absolute and orris root, with an extroverted frankincense at the top.

For the heart of the perfume, neroli and jasmine sambac achieved a melodic polyphony, so harmonic that you barely notice there are two of them and not just one.

At the top, but present through the entire duration of the perfume’s life on the skin, the mandarin dominates with accents of petitgrain, bergamot and lime, all brushed with the softness of rosewood.

If you want to seek a better connection with yourself and with the universe and you care to inspire those around you through decency and the good you have to offer, than Terra Flora will accompany you every step of the way, giving you inner strength and self-confidence.

Terra Flora is the scent of the wonderful life, lived by a wonderful human…

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Artist Penelope Cooras was invited to create an illustration for this perfume. Foliage, flora, fine unbroken lines, delicate washes of watercolour, loss, courage, love and hope were her 8 ingredients for the Terra Flora.

“I found Kelly’s story incredibly fascinating and out of the ordinary.

When we commenced this project, I found myself under difficult circumstances, being beside my grandmother on her last. While this was a challenging time for me, working on Terra Flora allowed me to connect to Kelly’s feeling of loss, when she spoke of losing her parents.

I thought that the round shape was the most suited for our story, as Terra is the name of our planet and in a sense, a symbol of motherhood. I then boldly decided to have it all covered in foliage, to better resemble Flora in its totality.

I used fine lines’ as Kelly has a delicate story to tell, but at the same time, the lines are unbroken to represent her strength through it all.

I used watercolours to illustrate her experiences up to now.

The red symbolising the time she lived in a Neo Native American Tribe as Red Bear, and the rest of the colors to represent the ingredients of Terra Flora.

The white space serves as a reminder that her journey is not over, and there is still an abundance of color yet to fill” wrote Penelope Cooras.

The illustration of Terra Flora was gifted by Wild Olive Artisans to Kelly Ghali.

Released 2017

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